07. 09. 2013
Trees, like years, whizz by...

Trees, Like Years

Sante’s dad, Dr Nyambo, is a natural storyteller. She gets that from him. We discovered this on our recent production trip to Tanzania with Sante, where her mom, dad and older brother shared...

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22. 08. 2012
Okada and the Mattress

Who Needs Rollercoasters

Flag one down. Get a price. Bargain. Hop on. Hang on for dear life. Against the advice of a cab driver in Lagos, I ride an okada in Kano. “If you must,” he...

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21. 08. 2012
Philip Teaches Robotics in B&W

Oldies Aren’t The Only Goodies

I’m embarrassed to admit I have never seen Citizen Kane (1941). Yes, I know for a filmmaker that’s sacrilege. I found my love of making movies late. Yes, I’m aware that’s just an...

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20. 08. 2012
Philip, Gideon and Arthur in Kano

The Toughest Interview Yet

A year into making One Day I Too Go Fly, I’ve filmed enough interviews with students, parents, and mentors, and met with enough administrators and teachers that I expect nerves to be a...

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18. 08. 2012
Tense XRL Finale

A Twist Of Fate

I could kiss the hand – God’s, my ancestors’ or the UK consular’s – that delayed my UK transit visa in June. That delay prevented me from flying out with Philip to Nigeria...

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17. 08. 2012

The Urge To Stop Filming

Being a one man crew has advantages on the ground. I am nimble on my feet. Using available light I shoot handheld with my trusty Canon XHA1. For sound I mount a Rode...

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16. 08. 2012
Lagos Centre Of Excellence

Lagos, Centre Of Excellence

Everything looks so familiar, but I don’t recognize any of the streets. The main signs reminding me that I’m not quite home yet, that I’m not in Accra, are the okadas and kekenapeps...

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13. 08. 2012
Trio With Robot

Mission. Impossible?

Monday. The start of the fifth and final week of Exposure Robotics League (XRL). The secondary schoolers just found out details of their final challenge. It will be a rescue mission. A mine...

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10. 08. 2012
Kid With Headphones

First Time In Nigeria

“First time in Nigeria?” The question comes not from the seat next to me, nor from the one in front of me, but rather from the one behind me. My eagerness and anxiety...

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08. 08. 2012
Yellow Card and Passport


It is my third trip to the clinic in a month. The third time is indeed a charm. A sharp prick is followed by an extended sting as the nurse pumps the inoculation...

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